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Our transfer starts between 7:30 and 9:30 according to the regional distribution of hotels. Our meeting place is between 10:00 / 11:00 at Antalya Rafting Finish in Köprülü Canyon National Park which is connected to Beşkonak town of Manavgat, Antalya. In Antalya Rafting Finish Point, our customers are provided with life jackets, helmets and those who want to wear neoprene clothes (clothes that protect against cold), fill out the insurance form and take the vehicles. After 10 km journey, Antalya Rafting Start Point is reached. At the start point, our customers are welcomed by our guides and shovels are distributed. After giving historical information about Köprülü Canyon, Rafting 's introduction, equipment introduction, first aid information, rowing and pulling technique, position of the boat, positions on discharge traction, information about compliance with the command of the boat captain are given. In addition, our customers definitely wear rings, necklaces, watches during the tour; credit card, camera, etc. are warned not to carry materials. After the last checks carried out by the guides, the boats will be boarded at 11:30 / 12:00. After start-up, the first rapid is descended. A first break is given after the first rapid landing. On the first break the magnificent Roman Bridge is introduced. Natural beauty can be enjoyed in the hidden canyon. Our customers can take photos during this break, and they can swim, stroll and relax in the hidden canyon. There are animations between the tour (body, rafting, rowing game). After the breaks given for our animations, the Antalya Rafting Finish Point is reached on the water and the rafting tour in the bridge is completed. At the end of excitement minutes, meals are served at Antalya Rafting Finish Point.
The bridge, which flows from the Taurus Mountains and flows through a series of charming canyons, flows into the Mediterranean Sea from the south of the Serik district of the river. By underground springs in the narrow strait between the bridge impassable cliffs fed flowing through the canyon tea, it constitutes one of Turkey's most beautiful recreation areas. Numerous archaeological sites in the region; The ancient city of Selge (Zerk), especially the fortresses and bastions, arched Roman bridges and historic roads sprinkled on both sides of the river, add importance to the nature of the Köprülü Canyon. Köprü Çay is reached from Antalya by Serik, Taşağıl and Beşkonak. The ones coming from Manavgat can reach Beşkonak via Taşağıl. The asphalt road going up to Beşkonak continues to follow the Çaycalı area. Köprülü Canyon National Park, with the ancient city of Selge, includes 36,000 hectares of land that includes a part of the Köprü Çay. Turkey's largest Mediterranean forest, as well as the National Park Service 'in Ponderosa also a rich form, pine, cedar, fir, oak and wild olive trees is located in. Red Speckled Trout can be hunted in the upper parts of the river, while Mullet can be hunted in other parts of the Bridge. About 100 meters before the Oluk Bridge, the water is stable and the river takes the form of a pool, which is an ideal place to start the rafting tour. The waterfalls along the rafting tour add beauty to the beauty of the surroundings. After each spilled waterfall, the river gradually slows down and allows you to enjoy its magnificent location. The Rafting Tour ends after 12 km accompanied by nature, history, sports, and animations.
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